Articles and presentations


March 2019
Developing Dialogue: genesis, process, trial
Research Papers in Education, 33(5)
October 2018
Developing Dialogue: process, trial, outcomes
Paper for EARLI biennial conference, Tampere, Finland
August 2017
The Arts in Schools: making the case, heeding the evidence
Keynote for Curious Minds / RECAP Conference on Intercultural Dimensions of Cultural Education.
July 2017
Changing talk, changing thinking
Interim report from the CPRT/UoY Dialogic Teaching Project
July 2017
What works and what matters: education
in spite of policy

Keynote for CPRT’s national conference Primary Education: what is and what might be
November 2016
The Arts in Schools:
making the case, heeding the evidence

Keynote for The Copenhagen Cultural Children’s Summit
October 2016
July 2016
March 2016
Dialogic Pedagogy at Scale: oblique perspectives.
Chapter in Resnick, Asterhan and Clarke (ed)
Socializing Intelligence Through Academic Talk and Dialogue,
April 2015
Teaching and Learning: the quality imperative revisited. Keynote for conference in Oslo marking the launch of UNESCO’s Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2014 (February 2014). Revised for publication. International Journal of Educational Development, 41(1)
February 2015
Evidence, Policy and the Reform of Primary Education: a cautionary tale. Godfrey Thomson Trust Lecture, Edinburgh. Forum 56(3)
November 2014
Indicators of Quality in Teaching and Learning: what really matters? ODI/UKFIET Roundtable on the Post-2015 Goals, Targets and Indicators for Global Education, Overseas Development Institute, London
May 2014
The best that has been thought and said. Keynote for the launch of the Cambridge Primary Review Trust. Forum 56(1)
January 2013
January 2013
December 2012
October 2012
July 2012
May 2012
Entitlement, freedom, minimalism and essential knowledge: can the curriculum circle be squared? (Critique of the National Curriculum Review Expert Panel report)
April 2012
Improving oracy and classroom talk in England’s schools: achievements and challenges. (Keynote for DfE seminar on spoken language in the National Curriculum, attended by the Minister for Schools)
February 2012